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Year: 2016

Trees (Live)

We Are Live!


We played our first show this week via the incredible Sofar Sounds. Sofar does intimate, stripped back shows that cut out the talking and distractions to focus purely on the music. It was a fantastic experience and we can’t recommend it enough. We had a blast playing alongside Pasadena and Nag Champa to a packed room.

New Remix

We remixed our friends Astra Via and added some Wall of Trophies on top.


The second video off our debut album, Heliograph: Never/Always

New Video

Last year we spent the afternoon out with our friends…a music video for our new single “Everything” happened…

Announcing Heliograph – Out 29 January

Front Cover

Our debut album Heliograph drops 29 January and will include 11 songs. The heliograph is an old-school signaling device that could transmit messages over distance by using the sunlight. The album art (front, back, CD itself) is all adapted from a line of cigarette cards from 1911, which detail how to properly use the heliograph and other signaling devices. We got 40 of these cards (all different)–and they’ll be included in the first 40 physical CDs we sell. It will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your digital fix.

Pre-order the CD or digital at

Track list:

01 Everything
02 Heliograph
03 Bad Dream
04 Trees
05 Crown
06 Break All The Rules
07 Dirt
08 Never/Always
09 Debt
10 Light/Dark
11 Love Me Not

New Single

The first single from our debut album is up now: