Wall of Trophies’ sound is atmospheric, driving and introspective–evolved from years of collaboration between its members Brittany Jean (vocals, guitar) and Will Copps (synth, guitar, production). The duo’s previous release, Places, was born out of a concept and out of necessity when Copps temporarily moved to Germany. However, their subsequent collaboration became a project with a direct, more intimate and biting sound that needed a name of its own: Wall of Trophies.

Taken from the lyrics of one of their inspirations, the band School of Seven Bells, the name is a reflection on a culture of self-promotion. The duo aims to take listeners on an introspective journey–not viewing themselves as the accomplishments they’ve achieved but diving into their desires, their well-being and their dreams.

This is most clearly achieved through Jean’s lyrics, which explore her own experiences through an acceptance of the past and optimism for the future. The duo conveys the same feelings instrumentally, with precise production for listeners to explore through washes of reverb.

Wall of Trophies is currently preparing their debut LP for release in early 2016.

Bird logo adapted from original photo by Bob McAlpine.